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In thermal printing, energy generated by a great amount of elements produces a reaction in the paper which makes the colour show. For this to be possible, a special type of paper known as thermal paper is used.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. offers a wide range of thermal paper, to respond to every requirement in each application. This product is manufactured entirely in-house, consequently we guarantee the highest levels of quality, which only a leading company can offer.

Medical Uses

Precision is vital in medicine. Information and image are crucial factors to obtain a correct diagnostic and establish the correct medical care.


Receipts and expense notes are indispensable in your business, petrol stations, or supermarkets. Printing quality durability and efficiency are crucial criteria to determine which paper shall be used on a daily basis.


Cinema tickets and other similar tickets, have added values. On the one hand the ticket is a receipt, it also contains specific information concerning; date, time, seat number and it also has a sentimental value. Consequently the design and finishing must be taken into account.


Documents used in the transport industry must comply with demanding requirements. Excellent print quality, maximum security, extreme stability and durability are demanded by airline, coach, train and boat transport companies.