Ballesta París S.L.


Ballesta París S.L. was established in 1998. Since then, we are a team of specialized professionals who sell paper. Our activity is located all over the peninsula offering added value service to major companies in both Portuguese and Spanish markets. Our experience in the sector enables us to offer personalized advice and high standards of quality in our products.

Our main business area is selling paper. Available to our customers is a wide range of papers with various formats and finishings, which respond to each requirement; industrial printing, continuous printing, plotting, medical documents, digital photography, POS, etc.
We work with the best manufacturers developing synergies aimed at maximizing the added value our customers receive:

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd.

We are official distributors for Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. , in all the Iberian Peninsula. This recognition allows us to offer the best guarantee of a world wide leading company together with the personalized service and follow up that we normally grant our customers.

Papelera de Amaroz

We commercialize Offset paper by Papelera de Amaroz, S.A. , in the north of Spain. We are confident that we offer our customers variety, quality, and the reliability which one of the most dynamic companies in the field can offer.